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How well do YOU know Luna Park? Test your knowledge on the the face of Sydney’s Harbour with our very own Luna Park Trivia! All you have to do is swipe left to reveal….

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Q: What is this ride called?

A: The Wild Mouse

Q: What year did Luna Park open?

A: 1935

In fact, Luna Park Sydney will celebrate its 85th birthday on October 4th this year!

Q: How many teeth are there on the Luna Park Face?

A: 14

Q: What is the oldest ride in the Park?

A: The Rotor

Q: What score do you need on the Hi Striker to win a top prize?

A: 140

Are you strong enough to win a top prize?!

Q: How old is Luna Bob?

A: 10

Q: What is the Luna Park Slogan?

A: 'Just For Fun!'

Q: How many seats are on the Hair Raiser?

A: 12

Q: What US building are the face towers modelled after?

A: The Chrysler Building

Q: What year did the Volare open?

A: 2019