For seven frightful years Luna Park Sydney’s Halloscream has bought terrifying chills and thrills to Sydney Harbour. 2020 will mark Halloscream’s eighth year and may prove to be its scariest yet. Keeping Luna Park’s eccentric style, Halloscream takes Park-goers into a time warp through its scare mazes, character creation and theming…but don’t be fooled it’s not for the faint hearted. Let’s take a deep dive into the archives on every.

Halloscream: The Beginning…

Kicking off in 2012 Halloscream was born. The Park celebrated Halloween in spooky style with patrons encouraged to dress the part…but we were only getting started. 

When 2013 rolled around the Face took centre stage, illuminated with hot pink markings as the Park was lit up with fluorescent spots, transforming the Parks usual adornments. 


2014 marked a Mexican “Day of the Dead” inspired Halloscream and the Park hosted a star studded lineup. With performances from Jessica Mauboy and the Madden brothers, the Park incorporated Parkour performances and trick or treat houses.

Halloscream 3: Curse of the Forgotten Fun Fair

Curse of the Forgotten Fun Fair was the theme of 2015, where there were both mild and wild experiences to be had. The creepy clown confinement unit and Luna Park’s abandoned mirror maze were central attractions which left guests feeling truly terrified.

Halloscream 4: Return of the Forgotton Funfair

For its fourth year, the entire Park transformed again into an eerie, haunted funfair, possessed by terrifying monsters, gruesome zombies and devilish poltergeists.

Halloscream 5: Revenge of the Forgotten Funfair

Halloween 2017 marked Revenge of the Forgotten Funfair. Acrobatics at the Circus show, or enter a world of evil and darkness with The Goblin Clown. The Park’s most famous blockbuster, Private Screaming 2, is returning to the big screen for another year with special viewings of classic 1980s horror movies.

Halloscream 6 : The Rise of the Cursed Carnival

2018 inspired a mixed bag of attractions for Halloscream, featuring a massive 4 Scare Mazes, a kid’s maze and an escape room. Pushing the boundaries with new, twisted storylines Halloscream: The Rise of the Cursed Carnival brought fresh scares Park wide.

Halloscream 7: Hell on the Harbour

Halloscream: Hell on the Harbour marked our most terrifying yet. Guests experienced the unspeakable horrors and heart-racing scares of Hell as Luna Park transformed after dark. Plunging guests into an immortal underworld, the scare mazes returned and levelled up along with the immersive mystery manor giving thrills to all in attendance. 

Halloscream 8: Infinite Fear

In Luna Park’s eighth year of Halloscream, we will bring Guests three haunting scare mazes that will rock you to your core. Expect roaming zombies, pig heads and prisoners to scare the wits out of any hardened-Halloweener in sight.

Sydney’s scariest Halloween experience will introduce Mr. Bowler, the Ringmaster of Halloscream 8, who is on the lookout for new test subjects to join his puppet show of horrors.

Set the whole night aside; if you can make it through the terror, Unlimited Rides throughout the Park will keep you chained there all night.

Are you ready to face Mr. Bowler? Don’t miss out on what could be the scariest night of your life.